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PAM 2019 - Clean UP Day

On Saturday morning, 30th November, RPV organised a community Clean Up Day in Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City in close cooperation with ISHCMC and BIS. Starting from two campuses, more than 100 people, young and old, put on the gloves and joined the event. After two hours over 180 bags of plastic were picked up from the streets and collected back at the campuses. There it was sorted and used for the plastic recycling station at the school.

As per schedule, on 30th November RPV, in close coordination and cooperation with ISHCMC and BIS, carried out a Thao Dien clean up event.

Two simultaneous sites were set up to host the event. Each school welcomed its community and company participants.


Both schools followed the same programme and schedule:

08:30 Registration & pick up tools + route options

09:00 Word of welcome by the schools and Safety briefing by the school

09:15 Group photo

09:20 Start of cleaning up

10:30 Return plastic trash & tools at the campus

11:00 Wrap up organising team


Several companies joined the activities by sending their staff at the event.

UNILEVER Team NedCoffee Team Philips Team

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