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ReThink Plastic Vietnam will be part of a long term solution by inspiring and engaging all stakeholders to take actions in their homes, companies and communities.

Vietnam is 1 of the 5 countries responsible for 60% of the plastic pollution in our oceans.

ReThink Plastic Vietnam is a community-led organization aiming to create awareness and connect stakeholders from business, community, knowledge centres and government around the global plastic pollution problem which is heavily affecting Vietnam, its rivers, coastline and ocean.

Connecting 5 key stakeholders

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The 5 stakeholders

we have seen it last year: there are so many great initiatives happening at all levels. academia does research, the government makes policies, businesses 'want to do something with plastic’, great social enterprises that offer concrete solutions and community that becomes more and more aware. 


Together, we can make much bigger and quicker steps. That’s where RPV comes in. we are a multistakeholder platform and will create events to combine all these efforts, align interest and resources towards reducing single-use plastics in Vietnam

Meet The Team


Karen Smit

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Hi, I am Karen. My daughter inspired me to reduce my single-use plastic footprint within our household, which led to my involvement in RPV. My background is in production/processing; feel free to contact me!


Maaike Evers

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Hi my name is Maaike
My love for the beach, the sea and wildlife inspired me to do something about plastic pollution. My professional background is in event management. Feel free to contact me


Madeleine van Hasselt

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Hi I’m Madeleine.
I’m a psychologist and work in behavioral change management. Living in different countries made me realize how amazing the earth is and that we have to work together to protect it. I’m proud to be part of RPV and to work on reducing the plastic pollution in this beautiful country!


Nika Salvetti

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My name is Nika, as a researcher and practitioner in sustainability and CSR, helping organizations and local communities in addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges is my professional duty and moral obligation.


Raffy Luik

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Hi, I'm Raffy. My passion is exploring the beautiful world and helping to take care of it, so we all can enjoy it at its best and in a sustainable way. I have a background in both the private and humanitarian sector. Looking forward to meet you

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