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Meet The Team

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Hi, I am Karen.

My daughter inspired me to reduce my single-use plastic footprint within our household, which led to my involvement in RPV.

My background is in production/processing. 

Feel free to contact me!

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Nguyen Da

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Hi my name is Quyen.
I'm a true visionary and leader in the world of supply chain management, who has
dedicated her career to driving progress and innovation in the industry. 

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Hi I’m Donna.

I'm an Associate Professor and the Deputy Dean at RMIT in Vietnam. My work is centered on sustainable materials design, and innovative approaches to addressing plastic waste. 

I am committed to combating plastic pollution, and integrate my extensive academic knowledge with practical applications.

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van der Sanden

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My name is Lieke,

I am an environmental expert with a background in CSR and sustainability. I am passionate about nature and biodiversity, which inspired me to try to tackle the plastic pollution problem. As a professional, I help organisations solve environmental problems in a smart way.

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Hi, I'm Julia. 

After seeing the huge amount of waste in the textile industry I developed a passion for organic textile processes and a general interest in sustainability, waste reduction, upcycling and a less consumption oriented life.
I am happy to be able to support Rethink Plastic Vietnam.



ReThink Plastic Vietnam will be part of a long term solution by inspiring and engaging all stakeholders to take actions in their homes, companies and communities.

Vietnam is 1 of the 5 countries responsible for 60% of the plastic pollution in our oceans.

ReThink Plastic Vietnam is a community-led organisation aiming to create awareness and connect stakeholders from business, community, knowledge centres and government around the global plastic pollution problem which is heavily affecting Vietnam, its rivers, coastline and ocean.

Connecting 5 key stakeholders

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The 5 stakeholders

There are so many great initiatives happening at all levels. academia does research, the government makes policies, businesses 'want to do something with plastic’, great social enterprises that offer concrete solutions and community that becomes more and more aware. 


Together, we can make much bigger and quicker steps. That’s where RPV comes in. we are a multistakeholder platform and will create events to combine all these efforts, align interest and resources towards reducing single-use plastics in Vietnam

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