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Plastic tracker Day 9 - update

This is a short one - the bottle tracker has stopped moving. Perhaps this is a result of the king tide and high winds last night. However it is still transmitting data.

Plastic tracker - update

The bottle tracker has been located in the same spot for the past couple of days. It is still transmitting but is not moving. We will watch to see if this changes and will update accordingly. To date the straight line measurement from where the bottle tracker was launched is 26.7 kilometers. The actual distance travelled by the bottle tracker is 100 kilometers.

Plastic tracker Day 8 - update

The bottle tracker has once again crossed the main channel and is now in a narrower section of the river where interactions with shipping is much more possible.

Plastic tracker Day 7 - update

the bottle tracker continues its journey from Ho Chi Minh and is beginning to enter the delta. It will be interesting to see if the cellular link remains intact as the tracker leaves the urban area.

Plastic tracker Day 4 - update

The bottle tracker has found its way from D2 past D1 and is now in D7. This is quite notable due to the amount of shipping and other activities in the water way.

Plastic tracker Day 5 - update

As the bottle tracker continues it journey past D7 it is fascinating that it has changed from side to side of the river.

Perhaps this is due to tidal forces and wind driving the tracker along its course.

Plastic tracker Day 6 - update

As the bottle tracker begins leaving Ho Chi Minh City and heads into Dong Nai province it is fascinating to note how the tracker can make 5.8 kilometers of distance along the waterways by travelling 10.1 kilometres in the water.

Plastic tracker Day 3 - update

This is a long watch. But it is interesting to note that a couple of times the bottle tracker made some radical moves. This could be because of interactions with shipping.

It is nearing the Phu My bridge...

Plastic tracker Day 2 - afternoon update

It would seem that the bottle tracker has got into the main channel and is making good progress downstream.

It has passed the Saigon bridge.

Plastic tracker Day 2 - morning update

The slow but steady progress of the tracker downstream is highlighted by a crossing of the river. This seems like it is a combination of tidal forces and wind. Let’s see if it gets around the bend today.

Plastic tracker Day 1 update!!

The tracker was launched during the kick-off event of ReThink Plastic Vietnam's annual Plastic Awareness Month.

Saigon Rivier is a tidal river.

The net distance travelled on this first day is ~430 meters!

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